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TNT’s Atlantis – a shining pearl

TNT - Release Party for Atlantis!

TNT has done it again – created some great music.

I got the cd in my mailbox today and I’ve been listening to the cd several times today and my fist reaction to this album was that it made me very happy.

My favorites among the 11 tracks are:

-Tango Girl
-Me and Dad

Love of My Life

The mixing on this album is really outstanding – great job by Tommy Hansen.
Tony Mills vocals stands aout more on this album and we can hear his great voice much better.
And of course great guitarwork from Ronny Le Tekro.

Thanks to Ronni, Tony, Victor and Diesel for this great album.

There are so many things i could say, but since my english is limited i hope this says it all:

For what it’s worth – I give it a:

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