Dag: 4. oktober 2017

Tweet fra Siri Svendberg (@metalwoman)

Siri Svendberg (@metalwoman) Tweetet: På tide at vi igjen blir stolte av norsk kultur og historie. #fryktløsenordmenn #Norge https://t.co/ecugd76LDL https://twitter.com/metalwoman/status/914797957328797696?s=17

10 Dangerous Myths About the Persecuted Church – Open Doors USA

https://www.opendoorsusa.org/christian-persecution/stories/10-dangerous-myths-about-the-persecuted-church/ Myths can be dangerous. False narratives can slip into our minds through the news, casual conversations or even social media. The problem is—if we believe these myths, they have the potential to change the way we think, behave and

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