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The Seat of Satan: Nazi Germany

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Kanske ditt livs viktikste tale?

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Kapitalen s05e12: Clinton – SoundCloud

Ett kritisk blikk på Hillary Clinton. Listen to Kapitalen s05e12: Clinton by Kapitalen – Radio Nova #np on #SoundCloud

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Benjamin Douglas Just in: Clinton is now LEADING in polls in important battleground states, such as Qatar, Iraq, Iran, and Syria And hopefully soon… San Quentin I går kl. 22:22 • Slutt å like • 10 987 • Svar Vis 1347

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Se «GLOBALISM in Prophecy: What GOD Thinks About Brexit» på YouTube

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Se «4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Unleashed by Donald Trump | Rev 6 Deception Prophecy» på YouTube

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Se «Russia Launches No Fly Zone – Threatens War With US» på YouTube

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Se «IMAGINE – The Israeli version» på YouTube

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Millions will die because we refuse to learn from our past

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